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 kanmed babywarmer - kanmed
Advantages • The baby feels like being on its mother's skin which makes it relax, sleep and develop well. • The adjustable Kanmed Baby Nest that surrounds the water mattress creates a feeling of safety and allows physical support.

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Complete Baby Warmer BW3 with Water Mattress. Includes: BW3-020 Control Unit BW3-003 Heating Pad BW-50-003 Water Mattress BW3-029 One bottle Kanmed Clean Water, 10 tablets. BW-50-025 BabyNest 2 pcs 699-1171 Main Cord BW3 070 Instruction manual

 kanmed babybed - kanmed
The new Kanmed BabyBed is designed to facilitate the care of new-born or premature babies. Good ergonomics and being easy to clean properly is the main features. When combined with the Kanmed Baby Warmer it is a perfect open baby warming system that encourages parent´s involvement in the care giving.

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kanmed baby warmer and baby beds - medical devices australia KanMed Baby Warmer represents the “Back to Nature” skin to skin contact for warming of premature and newborn babies weighing as little as 900g.

 kanmed kanmed babywarmer control unit - kanmed
See also document "Possible ways to mount the BW3" (Kanmed BabyWarmer Control Unit) which you find under Downloads. Detailed information. New design with easy to read display. The new BabyWarmer offers you 3 under body warming methods using the same Control Unit and Heating Pad. 1. Water Mattress. 2. Gel Mattress. 3. Foam Mattress ...

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The KANMED design offers a cot with significant benefits: • Cot sides designed to make no noise. • Jolt free and silent electric height adjustment • Warming facilities • A pull out tray to enable chan

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Therefore the baby cannot cool the water, so the baby’s skin temperature converts to the temperature of the water – making the water mattress the most efficient and safest way to keep a baby at 37°C; The Kanmed water mattress establishes a thermal balance with the baby so that baby can devote most of its energy to what is important ...

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